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Managing Holiday Anxiety: Throwback Sessions


Navigating the holidays can be quite an ordeal. From entertaining relatives to schedule coordination with friends…chaos abounds.

We’re helping you work your way through it with a roundup of throwback podcasts episodes and posts that fit in perfectly with this season. They’ve been handpicked to serve as your toolkit during a season that can bring on much anxiety.

SESSION 86: THE GIFT OF BOUNDARIES Boundaries. They’re quite possibly the best gift you can give a loved one. Don’t over-extend yourself to someone just because you’re related or in love. As always, but especially during the holidays, set boundaries fast and often.

SESSION 113: RECOGNIZING & MANAGING TRAUMA The holidays are a triggering time. We have a heightened sense of awareness of where we currently are and where we want to go. We’re acutely aware of who’s in our lives and also who we’re mourning. Take time to recognize the trauma of the past, and put in the work to manage it.

THE MENTAL WELLNESS BENEFITS OF PRACTICING GRATITUDE The best thing you can do during a time seemingly set on reminding us of we don’t have, is to spend time appreciating everything you do have. Practicing gratitude has lasting positive effects on your mood.

SESSION 33: STEADYING YOURSELF FOR THE HOLIDAYS The holidays are downright dizzying. To stay grounded, centered and secure– listen to Session 33 and remind yourself how to be steady.

SESSION 105: LIVING SINGLE The holiday season can bring awareness to singleness. If you’re not quite sure how to navigate the holidays without a boo, revisit Session 105 which is all about living the single life and is definitely applicable in this season.

SESSION 13: RECOVERING FROM AN AFFAIR And say, you’re single because of something traumatic like an affair. The holidays might feel like the worst time to be suffering. Session 13 gives tips on how to recover, smile and move forward.