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Therapy for Black Girls Presents “Self-Love with No Strings”

Too often, we’re told it’s okay to be ourselves as long as it doesn’t make others uncomfortable. We’re told to embrace our individuality, but we’re never shown how to manage the sting of feeling othered, ostracized, or unaccepted when that individuality comes in direct conflict with what others deem tolerable. Therapy for Black Girls recognizes that normalizing “acceptance” without needing to understand or agree could make our community of Black women a more inclusive place. 

But we also recognize we have a ways to go. Because of that, Black women still face countless pressures that impose an ideal of who and what Black women should be in the world and how we should show up (how much skin we do or do not show, how we wear our hair, who we love, how we were born, how we self identify, what we do professionally, etc.).

Introducing… The Skin I’m In Campaign

We’re using Minority Mental Health Month to expand the definition of what Black women are “supposed” to be and speak words of encouragement to any Black woman struggling to accept what feels natural to them. 

  • We hope to help foster radical self-love, sisterhood and celebrate who we are as Black women with no strings attached.
  • We plan to practice being unapologetic about our decision to show up as we truly are despite how our communities have defined what is acceptable. 
  • We strive to recognize that being a Black woman is a diverse ideal and to appreciate community members and Black women who are not afraid to push the envelope.

What to Expect:

  • A month-long celebration of being authentic to you. Each week we will release content engaging the ways history has impacted the way Black women love and value themselves.
  • Conversations in the Sister Circle, and we’ll dialogue about how self-love impacts our mental health.
  • Podcasts that will include resources on how to practice radical self-love.

From the Blog:

July 5: Respectability Politics in the Context of Black Womanhood
Mental health tips for when your identity defies what is “respectable” by society.
Authors: Jordan Madison, LCMFT | Josee’ Muldrew, M.A., LAPC

July 9: What Colorism Means for Psychological Healing
Colorism, racial and biracial identity, and how we self-identify impact mental health. This is complex as there are certain privileges associated with color etc. We unpack these challenges as they relate to self-esteem and beauty norms.
Authors: Erica Talbert, LMFT | Amber Flanigan LISW-CP, MPH, CHES

July 12: Practicing Radical Self-Acceptance
How living your truth can positively impact your mental health. Whether you’re gender non-conforming, an artist, exotic dancer, cross-dresser, entrepreneur, went to college, didn’t go to college, have 1,000 degrees, YOU NAME IT. Embracing who you are, while difficult, can help you and your mental health.
Authors: Jasmine Belvin, LMHC, LPC | Dr. Stacia’ Alexander, LPC-S | Erica Talbert, LMFT

July 14: Texturism and Embracing Your Crown
Hair texture in the Black community has been a touchy subject for years. Although we’ve come a long way, it’s still determining if some of us will get hired at certain corporations. This piece explores how the way we wear our hair is connected to our mental health and self-esteem. 
Authors: Amber Flanigan LISW-CP, MPH, CHES | Chimère G. Holmes, M.A., M.S.Ed, LPC | Dr. Stacia’ Alexander, LPC-S 

July 16: Wearin’ and Workin’ My Weave 
What’s wrong with weave? Nothing!! Here we discuss feeling empowered to wear your hair however feels comfortable to you.
Author: Chimère G. Holmes, M.A., M.S.Ed, LPC

July 19: My Body– Bona Fide and Beautiful 
Read about how to navigate the complicated relationship we all experience with our bodies. We provide suggestions on how to accept what is natural while embracing things we use to enhance ourselves and make us feel confident.
Author: Juliana Collins, LSW

July 21: Dear, Black Girl With the Big Name 
Read about the importance of correcting people when they get your name wrong and how correcting others when they mispronounce your name is a way to claim power for yourself and who you are as a person.
Authors: Dr. Stacia’ Alexander, LPC-S | Juliana Collins, LSW | Dara Winley, PhD

July 23: The Shades of Sisterhood: How Two Sisters Overcame Colorism
Read a personal story from one of our writers and her sister about how colorism impacted their relationships.
Authors: Erica Talbert, LMFT | Amber Flanigan LISW-CP, MPH, CHES

July 26: Love Thy Self
What is self-love? How is it practiced? This piece explores how self-love can be harder when you’re a Black woman and what can be done to make this easier.
Authors: Jordan Madison, LCMFT | Jasmine Belvin, LMHC, LPC | Bryanna Campbell, Psy.D, HSP-P

From the Podcast:

July 7: Black Women & Serial Violence with Dr. Terrion Williamson
Terrion L. Williamson is an associate professor of African American & African Studies and American Studies at the University of Minnesota, where she is also affiliate faculty in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies. Born and raised in Peoria, Illinois, she serves as the director of the Black Midwest Initiative. She is the author of Scandalize My Name: Black Feminist Practice and the Making of Black Social Life, and the editor of Black in the Middle: An Anthology of the Black Midwest. Her current book project explores the link between black women and serial murder in the American Midwest.

July 21: Colorism and the One Drop Rule with Dr. Yaba Blay
Dr. Yaba Blay is a scholar-activist, public speaker, and cultural consultant whose scholarship, work and practice centers on the lived experiences of Black women and girls, with a particular focus on identity/body politics and beauty practices. Lauded by O Magazine for her social media activism, she has launched several viral campaigns including Locs of Love, #PrettyPeriod, and #ProfessionalBlackGirl, her multi-platform digital community.

From the Sister Circle:

July 10th @ 12 PM EST: Self-Love Yoga with Jillian Woodard
Join Sister Circle to Tune In:

July 15th @ 7 PM EST: Roundtable with Dr. Harrison & Dr. Oriowo
Tune in here:

July 21 @ 7 PM EST: Black Women & Psych Meds with Dr. Karinn Glover Conversation
Tune in here:

July 25th @ 11 AM EST: Self Love Yoga with Jillian Woodard
Join Sister Circle to Tune In:

July 29th @ 7 PM EST: Black Women In The Workplace: Yunetta Smith LPC-MHSP, NCC
Join Sister Circle to Tune In:


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