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How To Handle Homecoming Anxiety

Homecoming season is here! Many of us are getting ready to meet up with friends, former roommates, and family members at the illustrious institutions that shaped our identities. Making that return to our old stomping grounds can mean a lot, including (maybe) a bit of anxiety. You might wonder if you have exciting life updates to share, be tempted to compare your success to that of old classmates and of course, worry about what you’ll do when you run into THAT Ex. All of it can bring about unexpected emotions. Whether your homecoming passed, or it’s just around the corner, here are a few things to remember as you make your return to the yard:

  1. Remember that everyone is performing the best version of themselves
    Most of us start thinking about homecoming weekend MONTHS in advance. Everything, from what we’ll wear to how we’re going to style our hair is a planned act. We plan for perfection and not for reality. It’s super important to remember this is the version our peers have allowed us to see. As always, don’t judge others and definitely don’t compare yourself.
  2. Embrace the past but don’t live in it
    Homecoming is all about reminiscing on the past and not every memory is positive. Whether you graduated in 2018 or 1918 it’s important to focus on how you learned and grew from whatever pain those memories yield for you. You became a better person.
  3. Know that feelings change and people do too
    The same people you had ‘beef’ with in undergrad, might be in completely new and positive spaces. Maybe they grew out of a toxic habit. Or, maybe those acquaintances you have fond memories of, fell into negative spaces. Don’t lean on college personas. Give people the space to grow and be different from the way you once knew them.
  4. Remember it’s never too late to form new relationships and bonds.
    Related to point #3, those same people who you didn’t get along with, might be great friends to you now. Be open to accepting old people but new relationships into your life.